Thursday, 29 August 2013

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Politicians dont care about your health only finances. They do care about public perception and avoiding negative press but when it all comes down to it if a treatment is to expensive the politicians wont fight for you. Health is really important to the individual it effects but to politicians its just a numbers game.
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Correct way to breathe

 Breathing properly stops the build up of lactic acid.. reduces fatigue in muscles and gives you more energy when running as the oxygen is pumped to your cells in larger amounts. But how to breather properly?
Breathing correctly is what singers try to practice all the time as they know how breathing can make them singer better, louder and for longer.. the same can also be said about runners however runners do have a attitude to just run and not do any breathing exercises to help with their breathing like singers do! Singers will constantly do yoga and Pilates stretched to stretch and strengthen their diaphragm from which they breath to better fill their lungs with air quicker and more efficiently than breathing from the chest. Breathing is really important if you are a runner but is often neglected even by the pros. It can be hard to always be aware of how you are breathing when you are running but stretches designed to open up your lungs and diaphragm will help your breathing become deeper and from the diaphragm more natural and free helping you as you run.

Make sure that you inhale and exhale from your mouth and nose.. deeply and using your diaphragm.. fill not just your lungs but all of your body with air< sounds odd but this will help you breathe more deeply. Long deep breathes are the most effective and use up less energy when you breathe too!

I couldn't find any decent articles when searching on google on breathing... GO FIGURE!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

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Good posture is most important

Posture exercises help to improve your posture but must be done every single day to ensure effect... If you think about it we are always practicing bad posture.. when we sit our posture generally will become hunched and our hips become rigid and out of place and not up right but slanted. Posture exercises help to realign the hips and improve posture with better posture brings better health less rick of arthritis and back pain and injury in later life and can actually help you grow taller or at least have a taller appearance you wont be so hunched together making you look smaller.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

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Running insoles made for runners

Running and sports insoles is something whether you are a sprinter or a marathon runner or even a football needs. This is because if you are a sportsmen you must protect your feet from damage! To do this you will need these insoles.

How running insoles work to help you

Running insoles work to help you in a number of ways including shock absorption through to stabilizing your balance... a pair of good insoles can do a lot! And it is partly because of the wya in which they are made that's helps them to do this. The insoles have been made by orthopedic specialist who have added advance orthotic technology into the design that effortlessly helps keep you supported and protected as you wear them

People who wear running insoles have far far less injury's and can run much much faster than those who do not wear a good pair of insoles and just settle for flat insoles that are already in their shoes.

There are many places where you can go get  a pair including this place which sells some of the best iv worn!

You can buy various forms of these insoles from the arch support ones to plantar fasciitis ones which help prevent or speed up and ease the recovery of plantar fasciitis... Its is best to do a little bit of research when you want to buy some but remember that they aren't to expensive anyway under £10 only the custom ones become expensive but those ones are really not worth if as they are far to expensive and dont work any better than the £10 ones...

Running insoles are made for runners.. but if you are in a sport like football where you run a lot you need them to not just for comfort but to help you run faster and more effectively and protect you from foot damage and injury too! I hope this helps...

Monday, 29 July 2013

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What football trainners to buy? Do not buy any heres how to save money

You dont have to spend a lot of money of pro soccer football boots far from it.. in fact you can simply get some normal trainers with studs in them and put in some affordable under £10 arch support insoles in them which will work just as good.. This is a trick I found myself and what i do for when i need a new pair of trainers but cannot afford some... The arch support insoles help better support your feet and make old uncomfortable football trainers much more comfortable and SAFE to wear!
So save your self some money and time shopping from some expensive football trainers which are only really for show really and dont protect your feet as they should because they have flat insoles in them and instead just buy a pair of arch support will be surprised!
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The best way to run faster

Online you can find a whole heap of methods and techniques to help you run much faster.. but what i find is best is if you practice every week but push yourself.. every week i said not everyday because you need rest for your body and muscles to recover. Anyway running is all about power and technique.. something to help with your running technique is a good pair of insoles. A good pair insoles are vital to help you to run faster as they will actually absorb shock and proven foot pain and cramps from occurring. With the amount of force and impact your feet will sustain when you run it is crucial that you have a good pair that absorb the shock. You can buy plantar fasciitis ones or specially designed running ones it doesn't really matter as long as your not running in standard rubbishy flat insoles which dont offer any real protection. Practice does make perfect but remember not to be lazy and try to challenge yourself when running... make sure also you always stretch fully before you do any running better safe than sorry than getting a injury right?
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Staying fit and healthy

There are lots of reason why you should play soccer including the one that says it is fun.... obviously this isn't the only reason soccer (football) is also played by many who want to stay fit and healthy. You are always running when playing a game of soccer so it is a great cardio exercise. Even if you are just simply in goal you still have to do a lot of ducking and diving which should keep you out of breathe and your heart pumping.

Soccor is one of the best sports to play if you want to stay healthy.. because it is a competitor sport means you will always be pushed and motivated to be the best.. sometimes just being in the gym this isnt the case and you can get lazy.. but not with soccer if you are lazy you look like a idiot and people laugh at you.

So why not keep active and play soccer with your friends this summer?